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Setting up betta fish tanks in your home is not a difficult thing but needs proper knowledge of how bettas live in the wild and what sort of living conditions they love. Bettas are tropical fish but as compared to other tropical fish there are some differences when it comes to setting up a fish tank at home for them. In this article I'll try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about setting up and taking care of betta fish tank aquariums at home.




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What is the ideal size of the fish tank for bettas?

Never keep bettas in a fish bowl. The ideal size for a single male betta should be al least 5 gallons. A 5.5 gallon fish tank measures about 16? X 8? X 10" in size. If you want to keep more than one male  in a single tank (not recommended) then you'll need a bigger tank so that each individual will be able to establish his own territory and not fight with each other. 

These fish are territorial and having other males in a single tank will challenge their behavior causing fights in the fish tank. This is the main difference you'll have to take care of while setting up a tropical fish tank for bettas.

What is the essential equipment needed for a healthy betta tank?

Bettas are tropical fish and there is certainly some equipment you'll need for creating healthy living conditions.

  • Aquarium heater with built-in thermostat for maintaining a constant temperature of 78-82 F
  • Aquarium thermometer for keeping track of water temperature
  • A strong filtration system
  • Air pump for bubbling air into water. The bubbled air rises on the surface and disturbs water surface causing easy exchange of air in to fish tank water.

How often should you clean the fish tank?
Cleaning the fish tank is not an option but a need to keep your fish healthy and happy. For a tropical fish tank it's necessary that you clean it based on a schedule so that fish ecosystem does not get disturbed very often.

As a general rule you must clean your fish tank once every week with only 25% water change using siphon tube method. Click here to read in detail how to clean a fish tank.

Are fish tank kits available in the market good as a starting point for a betta fish tank?

If you are setting up a betta fish tank for the first time, them investing some money in a good aquarium kit is a good idea. This will come with everything you need for setting up a healthy and beautiful tank except the fish themselves. You'll need to buy fish from a local fish store and carry them home in a plastic bag. 

Most fish tank kits come with all the necessary equipment you need for setting up a fish tank as soon as possible. While picking up a tank make sure you pick up with a wide opening on top because this helps in easy exchange of air from surroundings into water. Avoid buying a round or square top or vertical fish tank.

Image Credits - By Pogrebnoj-Alexandroff (free open sources) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

Image Credits - By Luca Mandolesi (digital camera) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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